Campus Expansion

Click on the artistic rendering below to see the finalized building plans.

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The Latest Building Project News

  • Framing for the exterior walls continues this week.
  • Amanda Raabe from Tredo Group met with the office staff and Mr. Rust this past Monday to discuss the office configuration, and also to choose materials/colors for the entire building. The interior of the building will have a very similar style to our Welcome Center.
  • Meetings continue with sub-contractors to plan out technology and security configurations.
  • The slabs on the main floor and second floor are scheduled to be poured in early March.
  • Please remember: do not park in front of the dirt driveway between the Welcome Center and School Parking Lots. Thank you!

Please leave the close parking (adjacent to the Welcome Center and along 68th St.) for those members who cannot walk longer distances. Thanks!