Bob Sawall

6th Grade

My Story

My father was a missionary in Africa so I spent my childhood years immersed in a different culture. Far from any schools my mother homeschooled me and my 5 siblings for the first 3 years. Later, I attended a British school and an American school while in Zambia. I returned to the United States for my high school years. I graduated from MLC with a minor in mathematics. I’ve been married for 40 years and God has blessed my wife an me with 5 amazing children and 9 grandchildren. Whenever I have a little free time I like to go fishing or fix things in my little workshop. It is my desire to help students succeed.

My Hope for St. John's

My hope for St. John’s Church & School is that the school choice program, that is already in place, would continue to grow. Witnessing the good news of God’s love being taught from the youngest 3 year old thru 8th grade students who otherwise would not have an opportunity to hear and see what God’s love is all about is incredible. Through these children God’s word can reach into our community of families and their relatives and friends and even throughout the world.