Sandy Bartsch

Extended Learning Teacher

My Story

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and spent a happy childhood on the Southside of the city where everyone knew you and you were part of the neighborhood “family”. I was in awe of my first grade teacher and decided then that I wanted to be a teacher, too. During my high school years I wanted to go to New Ulm, but God had other plans for me. I graduated from UW- Milwaukee and began teaching . Thirty-four years later I retired from the Greenfield Public Schools and was blessed to be given the opportunity to serve St. John’s as an Extended Learning Teacher. Isn’t it amazing how God makes everything work out according to his plan! These days I am blessed to be able to promote the joy of reading, which is my professional passion. I am also thrilled to enjoy time with my sons and daughters-in-law and my three delightful grandchildren, right here at St. John's.

My Hope for St. John's

Having become a member 41 years ago, I have experienced many changes along the way. It is my prayer that we continue to stay rooted in God’s word according to the Bible and that we as a congregation and school family stay focused on God’s grace and his love for us so that we can share his message with others. As our school grows, may we offer a place of excellence to learn and place where our love for God’s children is evident.