Ben Zak


My Story

I grew up mostly in the Midwest. I was raised by two wonderful parents who wanted me to know and enjoy the love of Jesus, God’s Son. However, even though I spent most of my life in the church and in Christian schools, I can’t say that that always happened (probably because of my own stubbornness and unbelief). But God continued to pursue me and he placed individuals in my life to show me that Jesus came to rescue guilty people. And that made me love him.

God continues to overcome my stubbornness and unbelief by placing me into a community of people who proclaim his grace. He even lets me talk about it in homes and classrooms and pulpits which I did in Florida for 5 years and have done in Milwaukee since 2015. I enjoy spending time with my wife and children, reading, fishing, listening to great music and watching good movies.

My hope for St. John’s

My hope for the people of St. John’s is that we would continue to proclaim the security and significance that comes through Jesus alone. My hope is that this community of believers becomes a community where those who are weary and weighed-down will find a place of relief and unconditional acceptance…a place where Jesus dwells and is worshiped.

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