David Rust


My Story

I grew up the son of an Air Force father. During most of my early years I was on the move. Michigan, England, Florida, and the Philippines were all places I lived before 2nd grade. When my father retired my family moved to Dallas, Texas where my younger brother and I enrolled at Calvary Lutheran Grade School. I attended school there through 9th grade and then attended Martin Luther Preparatory School for high school. I had many great role models all through my years of school, which led me to becoming a teacher. I graduated Martin Luther College and began my teaching ministry at St. Paul’s in Menomonie, WI. Other schools I taught at were St. Paul’s in Livonia, MI and Shoreland Lutheran High School in Somers, WI. I have served St. John’s since 2014.

God blessed Anne and I with three children. All of them go to college and are not too far from home so we are able to see them regularly. Besides being active with my kids, I enjoy Wisconsin Badger sports.  

My Hope for St. John's

My hope for St. John’s is that everyone who comes in contact with our church and school finds a place where they will receive peace through Jesus. They find us real, normal people who are excited about their Savior and who want to share their Savior with others. They find our excitement a product of Jesus' love and forgiveness we all have.

Contact Principal Rust at david.rust@stjohnsmilw.org