Recommended Links

  • Learn more about our denomination and its focus on reaching out with the gospel of Jesus to souls throughout the nation and around the world.

  • Wondering what the fuss is all about regarding Jesus?  This website will help seekers and long-time Christians alike to gain a better understanding of what Jesus taught and how he saved all humankind.  The site contains many resources to help any person grow in faith.

  • Explore many different devotions for people in all walks of life, including women, men, teens, teachers, and military personnel, among others.  There is also a general devotion for all people published daily.

  • This broadcast-based ministry is one of the most wide-spread television ministries in the world.  Their website offers videos of recent broadcasts, devotions, blog posts, and broadcast schedules in your area.

  • Your Time of Grace

    Your Time of Grace is a ministry expansion of Time of Grace Ministry. Through the timeless truth of God’s Word, we connect people to God’s grace so they know they are loved and forgiven and so they can start living in the freedom they’ve always wanted.

  • As the publishing arm or our denomination, you will find many print publications to help you in your daily walk with Jesus.  They also offer many publications for Kindle and Nook.  In addition to many books, NPH sells music and gifts for every occasion.

  • See the many different ways that WLCFS can help you or someone you love through Christian counseling, in-home care, in-patient senior care, treatment for substance abuse, and more.  Counseling can also be done long-distance, and is available in other languages.

    Please note: WLCFS counselors are available through St. John's.  Contact Pastor Ben Zak for more information.

  • WELS Lutherans for Life (WLFL) operates a pregnancy medical center in greater Milwaukee and is dedicated to helping individuals dealing with unintended pregnancies understand God’s gift of life. Other programs include Healthy Choices youth development program; post-abortion recovery support; parenting classes and limited material support.

  • Please fill out this application if you have transferred to St. John's, completed the Bible Information Class or if you are interested in becoming a member (ministry partner) at St. John's.