What to expect in worship...

  • Worship is for all

    Jesus invited people from every age, language, ethnicity and socioeconomic background to receive his teaching and worship him. So it's the same for us at St. John's. No matter what your background, we are grateful to have you as our guest.  St. John's is a child-friendly church as well, so bring the whole family.  Upon entering our Welcome Center, you will proceed to our historic church where you will receive a booklet which contains the order of worship for that morning.  Please don't hesitate to ask one of our ushers any questions that you might have.  After worship, join us in the Welcome Center where you can meet new people and enjoy conversations.

  • God is with us through his Word

    There is nothing we need to do to secure God's presence among us. Rather, his coming to us is a gift that he promises. With this assurance, we see worship ultimately as God's work for us, not our work for him.  He specifically comes to us through his Word which is read at every worship service.  The pastor also expounds on a reading from the Bible each week in a short message called a sermon.

  • There is an order to our worship

    Since we are a church from the Lutheran tradition, our worship follows an order.  This is called the liturgy.  Through the liturgy, the worshipper is taken on a journey from the confession of sins to the announcement of God's forgiveness; from receiving the benefits of Jesus' saving work to praising him through song; from making requests through prayer to receiving God's blessing.  The liturgy is meant to proclaim God's grace to God's people every week so that we might serve our neighbor in love.

  • Music is important to us

    St. John's celebrates a rich musical history, but we also look to more modern styles of music as well.  For evening worship services, the music is accompanied on the piano.  For Sunday mornings, we offer a wide variety of music styles, from choir singing and handbells, to hymn singing on the organ, all the way to modern music you'd hear on Christian radio.  We encourage congregational singing, but it is not required.  No matter what the music style is, it is done with God's gifts and to his glory.

  • We celebrate Holy Communion

    At St. John's, we celebrate the Lord's Supper, or Holy Communion, each weekend.  Jesus told his disciples, and all of his followers, to continue to partake in this meal with their fellow believers.  Jesus comes to us with his body and blood, along with the bread and wine, to offer us the forgiveness of sins and assure us of the gift of his grace: eternal life in heaven.  If you are a visitor, we ask that you speak with a pastor before partaking in the Lord's Supper.

We Hope You Will Join Us!