Having Trouble Streaming?

Due to the sheer number of people worldwide trying to stream, some users may experience difficulties streaming our worship services or Bible studies. Some of these difficulties may not be the fault of the user, but rather with the streaming service St. John's uses.

Here are some things to keep in mind or to try:

  1. Make sure all other apps on your device, as well as other windows in your web browser are closed.
  2. Try refreshing the page.
  3. If having trouble with the sound, be sure that your computer volume is up, and also that the volume in the streaming window is up.
  4. If streaming on a laptop, be sure to have a charged battery and/or have it plugged in. Power management settings may reduce the performance of your laptop when in battery mode.
  5. To increase the performance on a laptop, click on the battery icon in the taskbar near the time/date. When the power mode box appears, set the slider all the way to the right for best performance. This can be changed back at any time and only applies to the power source currently in use such as battery or plugged in.
  6. When using Chromecast from your Chrome browser (available in the menu dots in the upper right corner), after connecting to your device an option will be given to optimize. This will turn off the computer screen and cast in full screen mode only on the cast device.

If all else fails, especially if the issues are with our streaming service, then you can always watch the services and archived Bible studies on our VIDEOS page or on our YouTube Channel.