Paul Kanzenbach

7th Grade

My Story

I’m a firm believer that God brings people to the places he wants them at exactly the time he wants them there. My family and I are excited to be a new part of the St. John’s family as of the summer of 2016. I was called as a general classroom teacher, but also a coordinator for school music. Singing has been a lifelong passion growing out of my childhood in South Dakota, and music instruction became an additional passion even before beginning my teaching ministry in 2009 in Minnesota. God has blessed me with a wide range of teaching experiences across grade levels from K-13 in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. In addition to teaching I enjoy family time, cooking, gardening, playing sports and cheering for my favorite football team – the Minnesota Vikings!

My Hope for My Students

I pray that my students will grow daily in their faith and love for our amazing God whose grace is free and true. I wish for them to be fully prepared for high school and beyond. And I hope that they will learn to be dedicated scholars and knowledgeable musicians (and Vikings fans!).

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